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the cheapest PC remote

We continue with the last blows of the Offers for Black Friday. And one of the great surprises that we have found, has been the command for PC of the giant of video games. S, Valve has lowered his Steam Controller at the price of scandal. The reason? They are going to stop manufacturing it, so they want to take off the maximum units on top.

It must be said that the concept of this PC remote It has not finished curdling among the players, especially if you consider that each unit was around 50 euros. And for that price you could try other clearly superior alternatives. But, now that you can buy the Steam Controller for only 5.50 euros, things change. And a lot.

Steam Controller

Yes, for 5.50 euros the Steam Controller is a real bargain

We talk about a PC remote It has some very interesting surprises. As you can see in the different images that accompany this article, its design is remarkably different from what we are used to. In this way, in addition to the usual crosshead, buttons and triggers, we have two touch panels.

The objective? To be able to use this command for PC as if it were a mouse. A very interesting idea, especially for the high fidelity offered by its dual dual trackpad system. And, considering that el Steam Controller cost only 5.50 euros until next December 3, is an offer that you can not miss.

Steam Controller

To say that, you may like more or less its dual trackpad system, but at that price it is worth it. More seeing the ergonomics of this PC controller, which You can use perfectly as a normal joystick to enjoy your favorite games. In addition, it has different connection modes, so that it fully meets the expectations of all types of users. Do you want to play with cable? Take advantage of your microUSB connection to enjoy for hours.

Would you rather use batteries and squeeze your wireless possibilities? The video game giant guarantees that the autonomy of its Steam Controller reaches 40 hours with the two AA batteries that the controller includes, so you have guaranteed a few hours of fun. A real bargain that you should not miss, even to have a peripheral of this type for when your friends come.

If you want to take advantage and buy the Steam Controller PC remote for only 5.50 euros, do not hesitate to go through this link to get a unit. Of course, remember that the promotion will be available until December 3, so do not miss this unique opportunity to get a very worthy joystick at a demolition price.

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