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Telephone unifying router, ONT and videobridge in a single device

Telefnica has announced that it prepares the deployment in Iberian territory of Home Gateway Unit, a pioneer team in the world that will replace several of the current router, ONT and videobridge devices that customers have in their homes to access the company's services .

Spokesmen of the Spanish multinational have reported that the new equipment, first of a new generation of home devices and that taking advantage of all the capabilities of the Broadband of Telephone, also opens the door to innovative services that will be launched in the coming months both for the Quintuple Play as for the Sextuple Play.

The Home Gateway Unit has been developed at the Global Center for the Development of Telephone Devices, the first center of these characteristics of the Telephone Group, the result of the Transformation and leadership strategy in the current Digital context, informants have pointed out, highlighting that the objective of This Center is to design, develop and certify a global portfolio of homogeneous fixed and mobile devices (routers xDSL, FTTH, cable, 3G / LTE, certification of TV decoders and mobile devices) for all the Group's operators that it assures, under a single End-to-end process, time-to-market and their quality.

Now, in regards to some of the characteristics of the Telefnica Home Gateway Unit, it is worth mentioning that it has internal antennas (four for 5GHz WiFi and two for 2.4 GHz WiFi), 4 fixed LEDs on blue color -to eliminate the contamination – an FXS port -to integrate VoIP into the device- four gigabit Ethernet ports and the high-end chip of the Broadcom firm for GPON that allows simulated speeds of up to 1 Gbps.

Telefnica Home Gateway Unit will be deployed first in Spain, and before the end of the year in other countries, such as Brazil and Chile.

On the other hand, those of Telefnica have highlighted that for this proposal, the company has worked together with the Momedi company, for the design; with Askey and Mitrastar, both from Taiwan, for the design and production of software and hardware; and with Quantenna Communications, from California, for the integration of 5 GHz 4 × 4 WiFi.

Home Gateway Unit keys

It allows the user to enjoy the 300 Mbps of the current offer of Movistar Fiber, as well as the future speeds that are yet to come.

It guarantees the best experience with the most advanced Telefnica services at home, such as Movistar TV with its HD offer and simultaneous cloud recordings; In addition to other services that will be available in the next few days; Among those mentioned, Movistar Verisure Hogar, the new concept of tranquility for the home of Telefnica and Securitas Direct.

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