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TCL prepares a unique folding phone not with two, but with three "zeta" screens

We have seen how Samsung's Galaxy Fold has finally been put up for sale in Spain and how the Huawei Mate X is already beginning to be seen in China, but these will not be the only two mobile with flexible and folding screen in the short term: there are companies like TCL that already have the most striking prototypes.

In fact, the TCL prototype has a folding screen that folds in thirds, not halves. The effect of folding and unfolding it is to have a kind of "zeta" with two hinges that allow a seemingly normal mobile to become a 10-inch tablet.

Huawei Mate X vs Samsung Galaxy Fold: comparison between the first foldable smartphones

Two are company, three are crowd?

The funny thing about this hinge system is that both work the opposite way, allowing that curious zigzag which makes folding and unfolding the mobile we have that "agreed" effect that certainly raises a new folding format that TCL is exploring seriously.


The firm, which has just started its journey in the mobility segment, seems to go all out. At the moment there is no definitive name for a product that also has no estimated date of departure. The screen folds, but shows nothing in that prototype that is more a proof of concept for a product that takes advantage of that flexible and foldable technology but does so with a more qualitative leap thanks to that additional hinge.


This design has clear advantages like that diagonal of 10 inches that one will achieve by extending it completely or the greatest versatility of being able to use two thirds of the screen for one thing and one third for another. However, there are also obstacles to the validity of a concept that makes the folded cell phone especially thick (hard not to fall below 20 mm) and heavy.


According to CNET the device count on four rear cameras, one front camera, USB-C port (but not headphone port) and an iridescent finish. It remains to be seen how TCL advances in a segment that will surely give a lot to talk about in 2020.

Goes | CNET

         TCL prepares a unique folding phone not with two, but with three "zeta" screens