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Pakistn Popular Party website is hacked by Indian hackers

The People's Party of Pakistn, which was news by Bilawal Bhutto Zardari's comments on how to get Kashmir out of India, has its website hacked by Indian hackers. Hackers not only included the Indian national flag, but also memes that include the Indian comedian, Kapil Sharma. In addition, it has an audio with the version of RJ Naved on Bilawal Bhutto's comment.

You can open the link from here . Below is the screenshot of the pirated website's homepage.

The hackers had a small but effective message for Bilawal Bhutto for his comments on Kashmir. This is what hackers had to say:

Hi Mr. Bilawal Bhutto !!!

To the citizens of Pakistn, the Pakistani Army, the Pakistani People's Party and, especially, Mr. Bilawal Bhutto. Without violence, let me tell you that Pakistn will never get Kashmir. This is the truth. You have to accept it