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Offer Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 "Wifi for 250 Free

I think we all know the famous technology obsolescence program to promote the consumer market, but there is another obsolescence that affects the manufacturer itself, and it is the speed and ferocity of the competition that does not make material time for stocks to be sold and accumulate in warehouses and stores have to sell them at prices without margin or below margin, this is the case of the Samsung galaxy tab, the first one that came out, the 7-inch one without Honeycomb.

The offer has launched Telecor, and we learned through dosyogures that it is at a free price without contract and without anything, of ? 250 according to its catalog, and that, although it is not a leading tablet is a crazy, bestial price (put the adjectives you want) considering that it is even cheaper than many mobiles. It is the Wifi model, and the full features you have here. We assume that in all Telecor stores they will have Stock since the catalog is for all points of sale.

I think if you are looking for a comfortable, cheap tablet and above all that allows you mobility, this is your opportunity, of the low cost (now) is undoubtedly the best option. With measures like this, sure the tablets will fill the market.