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Meet all the news of Tuenti Mvil that is committed to VoIP and 4G

Tuenti continues in its reinvention process, so the mobile company has presented its new visual identity, .Tuenti, a more technological and mature image. But in addition to this, the company has opted for other things and now allow users of other operators to test their value-added phone services in the cloud, even before hiring it.

It is an indita proposal in the sector, the fact of allowing you to test your service without changing companies. The company proposes users to test the operator before hiring it, so in this way .Tuenti has inaugurated an in-app customer acquisition channel so far never seen in the sector.

Thus, without being a customer, it is possible to try the advantages offered by .Tuenti, such as enjoying 50 minutes of Digital Voice test just by downloading the operator's app and registering his phone number, whatever the operator is. From that moment, your number will go with it and you can use it from any device: another mobile, a tablet or a computer, being able to make national and international calls, even if you have lost your mobile with your SIM or if you have run out of battery.

Subsequently, the user can purchase additional minute bonuses, also without changing the operator, or buy the Tuenti SIM to enjoy all the experience and the best data plans with movistar coverage. This new functionality has begun to be launched in beta phase to 50,000 users of the app and in the coming weeks will be openly available to all users.

.Tuenti is not a mere operator, it is a pioneer digital Telco and today we prove it again. We are the only ones that offer to be able to test our cross-platform phone services in the cloud (from any mobile, computer or tablet) without changing companies. We are taking the freemium digital model to the telco sector. We independent communications from the SIM card, the number of a customer is no longer a SIM, it is an app, said Sebas Muriel, CEO of .Tuenti.

As for the renewal of the brand, a teaser advertising campaign has revealed that .T corresponds to the new visual identity of the company. .Tuenti bets on black and white and evolves its classic blue logo to a more sophisticated black and white logo, centered on the text and without any additional symbols.

It is not an evolution of the logo without more. The most important thing is the evolution of the company itself and its product. The current positioning as a mobile company of .Tuenti has nothing to do with what many may still think, has evolved radically leaving behind its social network past to mature as a mobile company that is ahead of the future of telecommunications, and in that same We have adapted our visual identity, said Kiko Gmez, Director of Global Brand and Product Marketing.

New website with simplified rates and 4G

The company has also presented the new website of .Tuenti with a simpler proposal of rates, instead of having 4 online and 3 in physical stores,.Tuenti focuses on its most competitive proposals and have only 3 on all on and offline channels: 1GB and 50 minutes of VozDigital for 7, 1GB and unlimited calls of VozDigital for 12 and 2GB and unlimited calls of VozDigital for 18, all with 4G with Movistar coverage, both in contract and Prepaid, and without permanence.

In addition, .Tuenti rates include much more minutes for the same price thanks to VozDigital and all rates include, in addition to cloud phone services, international calls to 24 passes, calls from abroad over WiFi at no additional cost and 200 SMS from the app, whose use does not consume data or balance. Tuenti is the only operator that, thanks to its integrated app, includes VozDigital calls with no establishment cost, with all integrated communications. The clients of .Tuenti are also the only ones who have in the app the management of their integrated line with customer service going chat.

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