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How to install Remix OS on a Windows or Mac PC

Android is a great operating system for mobile touch devices, but have you ever thought of Android as a computer operating system? We are sure you have! Everyone believes that Android can be a decent computer operating system over time, considering that it has many functions and more than a billion applications, but the problem is that it was not designed to be used with a keyboard and mouse. Well, that's what Jide's Remix OS plans to change.

Remix OS: The dream of the PC with Android may come true soon

Remix OS is a desktop operating system created in the open code project to Android x86, which has an environment of multiple windows created with Android 5.0 Lollipop (According to Jide, soon make the leap to Android 6.0 Marshmallow). The operating system is aimed at people who want to use an Android PC in the conventional way, through a keyboard and a mouse. So, basically, you can go ahead and make Android run on your Windows PC, Mac or Linux with Remix OS. Another good thing is that you can run Remix OS from a USB flash drive instead of going through the trouble of canceling your current OS.

Speaking of the operating system interface, the home screen brings a Start menu, a taskbar and a system tray similar to the one we see in Windows. In general, it has a experience very similar to that of Windows, Even when it comes to applications. The Android applications here have been optimized to play well with the functionality of multiple Remix OS windows. Like Windows, applications can be minimized, maximized and even several application windows can be run over each other. The current alpha version does not have Google Play Store, but you can download it and get more than 1.6 billion applications offered by Android.

While there are already some Android computers on the market, such as Google's own Pixel C, the problem is that the native Android experience is not yet complete for a PC. This is where we found Remix OS interesting. While the operating system is in an incipient state, it is going in the right direction and definitely worth a try. The operating system could also be a reason for developers to start creating more Android operating systems like this, with a new Phoenix operating system that is already collecting news as the alternative of the Remix operating system. Well, more competition, more options for us.

Returning to the Remix operating system, as you might have guessed in the title, we are here to tell you how you can install the Remix operating system on a Windows PC. Here is how to do it:

Run Remix OS on a Windows PC through a USB flash drive

System Requirements

  • 8 GB + USB 3.0 FAT32 flash drive
  • 64-bit CPU (Intel and AMD)

Note: We tried to run Remix OS on a USB 2.0 flash drive and, although it works, you can only use "Guest Mode". The operating system is also not compatible with previous ARM CPUs that work with some previous Chromebooks and Macs.

Install Remix OS on a USB flash drive

Note: The alpha compilation of the Remix operating system is available to be installed here and, since it is an early developer compilation, you might have errors. But fortunately, you can run the operating system from the USB flash drive itself, so do not worry about losing your system data.

1. Download the Remix OS package (around 700 MB) and extract it. The "legacy" version is for older PCs, while the EFI (Extensible Firmware Interface) version is for modern PCs, which have higher and faster storage hard drives. We will recommend the legacy version if you have a traditional Windows PC and an EFI version if you have a new and high-end Mac or PC with Windows, so download accordingly. The package includes the file ISO Remix OS and the Remix OS USB tool .

Note : To check if your Windows PC supports legacy files or EFI, press the Windows key + R and type "MSInfo32". Then check the BIOS mode.

two. Format the USB flash drive which you will use in format FAT32 .

3. Run the Remix OS USB tool and select the ISO file from the extracted folder. Click on " To accept "to start the process.

Four. The tool start copying files and installing Remix OS on the flash drive. Once this is done, the tool will ask you to restart your PC. Click on " Restart "to do it immediately or in" Go out "if you want to do it later.