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Hit hordes of zombies with your car in Evil Car: Zombie Apocalypse

Cars, zombies, a gorge … What can you think of that? Then run over them making your way through the desert dunes. This is what Evil Car offers: Zombie Apocalypse, a simple and quite addictive game.

You are in a car, crossing a hot and narrow gorge full of curves. Suddenly, you see quite a few people on the horizon. They walk slowly, and they go towards you. They are zombies! Well, you have two options: either take a horchata with them or run them over and reach the end alive. Do you like the idea? Well, let's reduce it to the most casual minimum and we will have to Evil Car: Zombie Apocalypse.

Evil Car is a casual game, with a game concept taken to its slightest expression. And that not bad, since at the same time it is quite addictive, and makes something so simple you get stuck going through waves of zombies. It is not by far the best game in the world, but to hang out is fetid. We tell you everything here, in The Free Android.

Evil Car: when you don't need anything else

The main trick that Evil Car has is its simplicity It does not stand out either for graphics, or for gameplay, nor for being a game of the highest level. It's a game casual, with simple controls and without much flaunting. Imagine something like Zombie Highway, but in "mini."

One of its drawbacks is that it is in English, but its use is simple. With two fingers we will have to press on each side of the screen so that the car we drive turn left or right, and dodge both the obstacles of the level and try not to break your car, since we will have armor and if we run out, bye. That implies that unless you improve your car, at first you will not be able to scare many zombies. But it's fun to see how incendiary barrels are thrown at you.

Go through hordes of zombies with your car in Evil Car: Zombie Apocalypse

By exceeding levels, we can improve our car and increase its performance. Come on, typical. In addition, there is a good variety of levels and cars that we can access. It goes without saying that the interface is something? well, improvable and perhaps advertising is somewhat intrusive, which does not just convince us. In addition, after a while it can be somewhat repetitive, and the difficulty does not increase excessively. Negative point for Evil Car.

Go through hordes of zombies with your car in Evil Car: Zombie Apocalypse

Evil Car: Zombie Apocalypse is totally free on Google Play. Of course and as you have already seen, it has a considerable amount of advertising. If you wanted a game to hang out and spoil a little, you may be lucky.