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Dragon Touch X10 Can a conventional low cost tablet be productive?


Dragon Touch X10 Can a conventional low cost tablet be productive?

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December 13, 2016

x10 housing

Convertible tablets have already been considered by many technology experts as the future of support. Given the prolonged decline in time, of the number of sales of conventional terminals, the 2 in 1, designed to be useful in both domestic and professional fields, seem to be the oxygen balloon that many companies, regardless of size or location where they come from, they are using the current market situation to cope as best as possible. The clearest example of this transition is found in the number of devices we can find. Only two or three years ago, the catalog of these types of formats was very small and was limited to the largest companies. Today, it is possible to find models of a wide range of prices.

However, despite this change of course, some firms, including the most modest, have not wasted their time in trying to position themselves as a benchmark within users and gain positions in the current context using tablet manufacturing as a trick. conventional that still want to win the favor of many. In it, we can find terminals like X10 which again, intends to offer good benefits at a very reduced price and with that, arouse the interest of all types of audiences. Here we tell you more about this tablet. Will it be able to offer high performance or, like others, will it remain in the attempt?

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As we will see later, the X10 is a large terminal. Although larger dimensions are not currently facing other features such as a minimum thickness or a smaller weight, in the case of small manufacturers, this conflict still exists. This device, which measures about 17 × 29 centimeters, grazes the 900 grams. With a cover of plastic Hardened, it is not very cutting edge in terms of finishes but it is resistant.


Although the most affordable models are also experiencing significant improvements in aspects such as the technologies used in the screens or the incorporation of new camera systems, the truth is that there is still much to do in this regard. Although we must always start with the idea that we cannot demand from a low cost terminal the same benefits as a higher one. The X10 is equipped with a display of 10.1 inch accompanied by an HD resolution of 1366 × 768 pixels. The cameras, 5 Mpx in the case of the rear and 2 in the front are, according to their manufacturers, ideal for video calls. However, they have an important limitation: They have no flash.

x10 front camera


Here we find a series of specifications that are focused on conquering the professional public. On the one hand, we highlight a good speed achieved through a processor AllWinner able to reach the 2 Ghz. The capacity of storage initial, just 16 GB but expandable up to 128 through Micro SD cards, is another of its strengths in this regard that, however, may be insufficient when it comes to offering more balanced results and a completely optimal performance if we consider that your RAM it's only 1 GB. Do you think that with these features the X10 is attractive only to users who run games and play audiovisual content?


When yesterday we were talking about the UMI phablet marketed at the beginning of this year, we told you that it was unusual that considering its date of arrival on the market, it did not have a more current version of Android, since it was endowed with the 5.1. In the case of the X10 we meet this platform again, which, although it has not yet become obsolete, continues to lose ground in favor of Marshmallow. Connectivity is another of the great limitations of this tablet, since it only has support for WiFi networks and therefore, Internet browsing through 3G and 4G is excluded. In terms of autonomy, we find a non-removable battery of 7,200 mAh that, as a point in favor, has the help of Doze to be somewhat more durable.

Nexus 9 Lollipop yellow

Availability and price

On sale for approximately this year, it is possible to purchase the X10 for a cost that is around 160 euros. As usual with these types of devices from virtually unknown companies, Internet sales portals are the only ones through which it is possible to acquire them. We remind you that price variations between one and the other can be significant.

As you have seen, we can find a series of terminals that although they try to be useful for a wider audience, have a series of limitations that can make it difficult to enter their preferences. In the case of the X10, do you think that the fact that it has been in the market for some time has not been enough to compete against other similar devices? Do you think that with these features, it could be a suitable model for those who wish to have a first contact with the tablets? You have available more related information such as the pros and cons of low cost terminals and what minimum requirements they should meet so you can learn more about them yourself.