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design, features and price new smart speaker

Google Nest Mini

Today is a great day for the giant based in Mountain View. And, the American firm had an appointment scheduled to show us its new Pixel 4, in addition to the Pixel Buds, the headphones of the great G. Said and done, the Google Nest Mini It is already official.

In this case, we are faced with a new smart speaker, which had leaked enough information, and confirms some details, as well as surprising us with others. For starters, the design is quite similar to the Google Home Mini, although with a surprise: it is made of recyclable plastic

Google Nest Mini: same inside, better outside

Yes, on the outside it is traced to its predecessor. Regardless of the material used to manufacture the polycarbonate body of this smart speaker, or the fact that the Google Nest Mini now has a hole to hang it on the wall, we do not see any aesthetic novelty, beyond these unimportant details.

But, the interesting part of Google's new smart speaker It has to do with its interior. For starters, the great G has presumed that its new solution offers better sound quality. And to this, we must add an additional third microphone, which will allow better listening in very noisy environments. Ideal if you have very high TV volume, or are in a meeting with your friends.

Although, the great novelty It arrives with its new ?Machine Learning? chip, which will be able to directly process operations without having to send it to the cloud, making it much faster. On the other hand, they have also announced a decrease in the price of Nest Aware, although at the moment only in the United States.

The same goes for the Google Nest Mini, which would maintain a price of 49 euros. How much will it cost when I arrive in Spain? Most likely, 59 euros. Is it worth buying? Without a doubt, if you are looking for a cheap smart speaker, it is a great option to consider. But, if you have the previous model, the change doesn't compensate you so much …

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