Change your mobile assistant for the application you want

Change your mobile assistant for the application you want

If you are looking for an alternative to Google Assistant access, this application allows you to modify the shortcut by the application you want. As you will see below, it is so easy that it is worth it.

Change your mobile assistant for whatever you want

If you are one of those who do not use the Google assistant, or prefer that the access you have so easy (by pressing and holding the start button) be used by an application that you use most frequently, what comes next interests you.

Is the process complicated? Not at all since we will only have to install Assist Mapper, a completely free application. Once we have installed the application we will have to make it our main assistant. It will replace Google Assistant, so by keeping the home button pressed we can no longer call the Google Assistant.

Just open the application will take us to the settings menu where we can change the wizard. Click on Assistance Application and we select among all the options, Assist Mapper.

With this, the first step is over, now let's reopen the application.

A huge list of applications appears, they are all we have in the system. Will have appreciated that there are many repeated applications. Quiet, it's all good, it's not a mistake.

It is all the instances that the application has. Depending on the type of activity it would be possible to create a direct access to a specific action of the application. In the case of Alexa, for example, we were able to start the main page or the voice assistant. On Instagram, for example, we have not been able to create a shortcut to the creation of stories.

If this happens to you «I have tried and nothing happens » That happens because you have not started the concrete activity. Among all the activities that you have to choose for the application to work correctly is the one that ends as mainActivity or main. On the other hand, you can experiment with almost any activity to your liking.

Finally, if you are a user of a Google Pixel 2 or 3, mention that this application (or any assistant other than Google) does not work with Activedge, so if for you the pressure sensitive edges are important you will have to remain tied to the Google assistant.

Assist Mapper is a free application, without ads or micropayments. And it requires that we have Android 6.0 or a higher version.