Apple will consider including AirPods with the 2020 iPhone ┬╗ERdC

Apple will consider including AirPods with the 2020 iPhone ┬╗ERdC

Apple will consider including AirPods with the 2020 iPhone

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According to a new report published by the media DigiTimes, Apple is considering including its TWS AirPods headphones with its future iPhone 2020 models. The report states that ÔÇťsmartphone vendors, including Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi, are looking to combine their new models with TWS headphones the year that comes".

The report cites unidentified industry sources for this. Because of this, At the moment it is something that we should take as a leak, with some caution. The fact of the high price of Apple AirPods may even raise some skepticism about these claims.

Apple AirPods they cost a few hundred dollars. Therefore, it can be difficult to imagine that Apple comes to include that expensive accessory in the box of the next iPhone and offer them for free. It will not be possible for the company to incorporate them without increasing the final cost of the product. Because of this it seems somewhat unlikely.


In addition to the aforementioned, The situation of the AirPods in the market is quite good for Apple. Your own TWS headset they have great popularity between the public of the brand and it will result in a slightly strange movement that Apple offered them for free, when millions of customers are willing to spend a few hundred dollars to buy them. This at least seeing it from the most business point of view.

The Apple AirPods Pro, which recently became official with the expected active noise cancellation function, they are so popular and in high demand that the company also order increase your production as revealed by various recent reports.

AirPods Pro

Until now, Apple has included the basic EarPods with cable of the company that come with a Lightning connector in the box. It is likely that those headphones cost Apple very little, since they sell for only $ 29 on your website. In addition, manufacturing them costs them considerably less.

The only reason Apple could include AirPods in the box next year could be that the company simply feel it is time to include something more modern than some EarPods with your iPhone. The AirPods are the world's best selling TWS headphones and if the company really includes them, your market leadership increase. There is still a long time for the new iPhone models to launch, so we will have to wait a good few months to see what happens in this regard.


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