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A platform game in which you lose all hope: Hopeless 3

One of the themes of video games that I like the most is that of platforms, perhaps because it reminds me of my beginnings with these machines. I remember games like Sonic or Mario pro also Astérix or Wonder Boy. What I don't remember, that's for sure, is to pass tension and even a little fear.

Hopeless 3 It is my last discovery in the Play Store, a classic proposal in which we will have to go advanced in phases but that plays with very confronted characters. On the one hand there are the protagonists, nice and adorable little yellow slugs. On the other hand are the enemies, horrifying heads with large mouths and sharp teeth that remind us of hyperrealistic piranhas.

A platform game in which you will lose all hope

Simple operation but with tension

The operation of the game is simple: we ride our vehicle, a kind of mine wagon that we are improving little by little and we take a rifle that we will also modify little by little.

As we move forward we will meet some comrades, who do not have to shoot, and enemies, those who do. A lot. To the head. In a sick way. God, how ugly they are. The key is that we do not know if they are one or the other until shortly before having them on top of what we have to have reflexes.

A platform game in which you will lose all hope

We will go forward and pick up our friends while we collect the stars that will eventually become points that will help us advance the game, remembering this to other known mobile proposals.

This game is free and has purchases within the application but they are not mandatory to advance. Also, as we go through phases, they give us some gifts such as weapons or vehicles, so we don't have the feeling that we will get stuck in any case.