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A Galaxy A with four rear cameras could be Samsung's surprise

In recent months at Samsung they have been studying the development of the different markets in which they are present. While they remain the first worldwide, they know they can't relax, or brands like Xiaomi or Huawei will take their place sooner or later.

One of the changes that they have already confirmed from the company is that they will take their mid-range, the Galaxy A, more seriously, since competition is where it hurts them the most.

He October 11th The company will make a presentation related to mobiles. We know it will be a Galaxy although there is no confirmation of what it will be, although there are clues.

The first with four cameras

Galaxy A8 2018

Samsung terminals have been doing well for some time in cameras. The Note and Galaxy S already have dual systems that take very high quality photographs and some Galaxy A have a similar system but in front, to make some of the best selfies we have seen.

But the company knows that it is not enough to keep up with the rivals, that she has to mark it. That's why he has published a tweet in which he boasts a fun multiplied by four.

This has been understood as a nod to a rumor that emerged a few days ago in which there was speculation that a new Samsung mobile would arrive with four cameras.

Neither Note nor Galaxy S

The first thing we can think of is that such a movement would be seen in a star terminal but it is not the case. The same character who leaked the data confirmed that they would not be mounted, at least the first time, in such a terminal.

Thus, the Galaxy A range is a favorite, something that fits with the statements of managers.

Four cameras … behind


It was also speculated that it would not be something too rare if Samsung chose to put two cameras in front, and two behind, as some Huawei phones have as in Note 20 Lite.

But that would not be the idea of ​​the company. There would be four sensors in the rear area, something that we have not seen so far and that is closer to the idea of ​​Nokia with the Nokia 9 than what they have done brands such as OPPO in the R17 Pro or Huawei in the P20 Pro.

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