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20 best FIFA 18 skill moves you must master

The 20 best skill movements of FIFA 18 that you have to master FIFA is, without a doubt, one of the most popular games on the planet. Each year, EA brings out a new iteration of the game, and with each iteration come new tricks. While we have previously covered how to perform the trick of the FIFA 18 firm, El Tornado, a single trick will never be enough. In the search to become an advanced player, you must have some tricks up your sleeve. While there are many tricks and skill moves that you can execute in FIFA, not all are so easy to master. Below, we have compiled a list of the 20 best FIFA 18 tricks and skills that you must master to improve your overall game. So, without further ado, let's start:

Note : The following tricks were executed on a copy of FIFA 18 on a PS4 Pro, but they should also work on earlier versions. In addition, there is a minimum skill move qualification requirement for each skill move. You can verify the movement rating of a player's ability simply by accessing the player's biography.

1. False shot

Minimum requirement: 1 star skill move rating

This is probably one of the most basic but useful skill movements you can execute. This allows your player to pretend as if he were taking a shot but then pause the ball right where it is.

2. Cryuff Turn

Minimum requirement: 1 star skill move rating

A variation of the standard false shot, allows you to roll the ball backwards, therefore, not only cheats your opponent but also keeps the ball moving.

3. Body Feint

Minimum requirement: 2 star skill move rating

Body Feint is just like a fake shot, except that by faking a shot, the player simulates his own movement. It is one of the easiest movements to execute, but one of the most useful.

4. Step by step

Minimum requirement: 2 star skill move rating

The step steps are another skill play in which you move your legs around the ball to simulate movements. Many players use this movement while keeping the ball moving.