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10 Amazing Education Apps for iPad

Today nobody doubts how good the iPad is so that any student improve their performance. From the youngest children to the PhD students, anyone can take advantage of the Apple tablet.

Here is the list of the best apps to study:

Evernote It is a perfect application to have all your ideas organized. Whenever you come up with something interesting, try it in this app.

Paper It has revolutionized the world of apps for drawing. It has a very simple interface and its layout is fluid and defined. In addition, you can go back any step using two fingers.

GoodReader It is the best PDF manager we have on the iPad. There is nothing like him to underline and write down technical documents.

Bamboo Paper He is a handwritten notebook manager. Its interface is very complete, and if we accompany it with a stylus pen we have the perfect combination.

iA Writer radically change the writing paradigm on the iPad. It is a minimalist text editor until satiety.

Simple mind It puts a quick and simple application in your hand to take quick notes before your inspiration goes away.

Easybib solve one of the biggest headaches of the students. If you want to have your references sorted, bet on this app.

iStudiez It is the most complete and colorful application to organize our school calendar. Classes, deliveries and jobs in one place.

Wordflex Touch Dictionary It takes the Oxford dictionary to a new level. With an unprecedented staging, use the iPad's multi-touch screen to introduce words.

Star walk It is an augmented reality app in which we will have all the objects of labvedaceleste marked on the iPad screen.

What do you think? Do you know any other that is at this level?

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