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Wazypark now rewards you by warning and unpacking

In addition to warning of free places to park on the street, as well as incidents about the parked car and all with the collaboration of the driver community – now Wazypark has launched a points program that rewards its most active users, rewarding them for the warnings that are generated in the app about parking available in the public.

Spokesmen of the 100% Spanish app, have explained that from now on every time a driver uses the application to unpark or warn that a site is no longer available, he can accumulate points in his account and then have the possibility of redeeming them for a multitude of exclusive discounts on services and products.

In that sense, they have specified the hiring of insurance, car rental, legal advice, in workshops or purchase of materials for the vehicle, among others. In this way, Wazypark intends to generate significant discounts to users in order to reduce almost 600 a year, according to various studies, we spend on average the Spanish drivers in maintaining our vehicles, the informants have pointed out.

The points and their benefits

Now, with respect to how users will get the points, those of Wazypark have noted that there are many ways; one of them, when a person unpacks his vehicle accumulate 2 points and if he chooses the option of unpacking in advance he adds 3 points. If the site generated in the app serves another driver, the one who created the notice will accumulate 1 point and if it is warned that a site is no longer available, 1 point will be added.

Users can exchange all those points that are accumulating for discounts that Wazypark has closed exclusively with a multitude of brands, the sources have pointed out, specifying that in the case of Mutua Madrilea, it already allows to exchange for discounts of up to 100 in the Auto policy or Moto; Aurgi, 5% in reviews and materials for the car; Jazztel, exclusive offer in the Internet + Landline + Mobile package; Hailo, 10 in a taxi; and Just Eat, with 3 when ordering food at home.

Continuing with the above, it has also been known that these points can soon be exchanged for gasoline, money for parking meters, car washes, discounts for ITV, use points to pay in restaurants, when shopping in supermarkets or trying on scoop the latest models of vehicles before they go on the market.

With the launch of its points program, the application goes one step further in its journey to help the thousands of drivers who daily waste a lot of time going around and around in search of a free place where they can park their vehicle in the public van .

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