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Use the rockets as if you were Elon Musk himself in Landing Confirmed

Do you like rockets? Do you like addictive and simple games? Well, with Landing Confirmed you will have a guaranteed time of fun. And of frustration.

In The Free Android we really like casual games. They are fun, entertaining and very addictive. In addition, they usually have original themes that we do not usually see normally. In addition, the game we will try today will especially like lovers of the rockets Do you like space shuttle emulators? Well, this does not reach much but it does so in a very original way. Landing Confirmed It's his name, and we tell you all about this curious game that will give you a good time of entertainment. We are not responsible for the anger that this game may cause.

Landing Confirmed: simplicity at its best

Use the rockets as if you were Elon Musk himself in Landing Confirmed

What is Landing Confirmed about? Very simple. Do you drive a rocket in a very simple way: if you touch on the left side, you activate the left propeller. If you press on the right, you will activate the right propeller. And if you press them both, you will propel the rocket in a "straight line." I put the quotes justly. Because your goal is to land it on a nearby bright platform without it destroy by the way. And if you think it's easy, I'm very sorry. You're wrong.

This is what it costs for a rocket to explode

Of course, the rocket can be divert. And it happens that said artifact is terribly fragile, so that at the minimum it can fall or break will fall out of favor and you will have to restart the level. It can not be easier. And I say it literally, because this game fulfills something we talked about a long time ago. Its interface is not especially beautiful, but it is more than useful.

Use the rockets as if you were Elon Musk himself in Landing Confirmed

You have a very decent amount of levels, and the interesting thing about Landing Confirmed lies in minimalism That says goodbye. He does not need more, nothing boasting. It's you and the rocket, nothing more. And this is appreciated, because many times we see some graphics quite improvable that quite annoy the user experience. In addition, we can play both vertically as horizontal. Very good for those who feel more comfortable with one position or another.

SpaceX makes history by reusing space rockets

And the worst comes here. As we advance between levels, we will see that the map he plays it for us so that landing the rocket is even more difficult if possible. Obstacles both static and moving, closed and difficult environments … There comes a time when you almost despair, but you don't want to stop playing. This is due to the simplicity of Landing Confirmed: it doesn't distract you from your goal. Land, don't do anything else.

Use the rockets as if you were Elon Musk himself in Landing Confirmed

Perhaps the only thing we can reproach Landing Confirmed is that, having a concept so basic, may become repetitive after a while. Also, the interface doesn't help much; sometimes it turns out rough and not very aesthetic, and that personally reduces my desire to play. That will depend on tastes, but those who need a good aesthetic game will be somewhat disappointed. For the rest, Landing Confirmed is a perfect game for take a little while either waiting for a queue, or doing anything else to kill time.

Use the rockets as if you were Elon Musk himself in Landing Confirmed

Landing Confirmed is located for free on Google Play Of course, with ads and in-app purchases that are not at all necessary for the good progress of the game. Advertising is not too much intrusive, so you won't have much trouble in that.

If you were looking for a game to kill time, don't worry: Landing Confirmed will be your best friend in this space odyssey. That if you do not end up throwing the mobile through the window to the fourteenth attempt of moon landing.