Twitter now allow you to hide replies to your tweets

Twitter now allow you to hide replies to your tweets

When you post something on Twitter and this goes viral for one reason or another, you can get good answers but others can be unpleasant or offensive. But you no longer have to go through this, the social network Twitter just officially launched a function that Allows you to hide unwanted answers.

This function was tested for a few months and, on Thursday, November 21, it was launched for all accounts. The intention of Twitter is to maintain a healthy environment in the social network as much as possible, since We've all had awkward situations when writing a tweet and have some undesirable response.

The operation is simple, when you find an unwanted answer, simply touch the symbol in the upper right corner of the tweet and choose to hide the tweet. You will no longer be shown to yourself or to all who follow the thread.

However, keep in mind that the procedure does not delete the message. You and your contacts can see it in the option that shows hidden tweets.

Like all this Twitter function it has two sides of the same coin

To some extent, the new function also has a "didactic" effect, in a survey of Twitter, 27% of users who had hidden answers said they would rethink their behavior in future interactions, and that the user already has the complaint of the tweet or account, but some only create another and continue to offend others.

On the other hand the new function is being used incorrectly to, for example, hide responses that confirm that a tweet is fake news or silence different points of view, even if those messages are not intended to offend.


In addition, some users have expressed concern about retaliation for hidden responses, as the icon that gives them access is openly available. Twitter He says he is already working on this issue.

If the news has not yet reached you, just wait. The hide answer function is available in Twitter applications and web versions, but this will be reaching all gradually.