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Twitter keep inactive accounts for dead users

Twitter on smartphoneImage: Bigstock
  • SegnZariance, Twitter achieved revenue of $ 786 million in the first quarter of 2019

  • About 45 percent of the population in the United States uses this social network

  • On average, six thousand are generated posts every second inside the platform

Although death has always been a crucial part of the lives of human beings, digital systems have given a different meaning to this cultural phenomenon. Thanks to social networks like Twitter and Facebook, false or inaccurate information about the death of big stars It is transmitted more easily. Likewise, like all information and content that goes online, the death of relevant people also feeds a infinity of memes.

But within the social media industry, death causes an interesting phenomenon. As the population dies, more and more accounts on these sites belong to people who are no longer active, so to speak. In accordance with TimeIn just 50 years there will be more profiles of dead people living on Facebook. While other platforms such as Twitter and Instagram have smaller populations, they may be in a similar situation very soon.

This situation has caused some companies to set specific parameters to preserve the accounts of people who have already died. Twitter is not one of them. Recently The company warned that, in December, it would begin to eliminate those profiles that had not been used in the last six months. An unexpected consequence of the policy will, of course, also eliminate the publications of millions of deceased users.

Not always: Twitter reverses its plans

Millions of active users filled the social network with protests, demanding that the platform let them keep the publications of their loved ones. Such was the outrage of the people who, according to Adge, Twitter decided to temporarily suspend the purge of accounts. To calm the critics of the users, the brand published a message for all the annoying people. In it, ensure that you suspend your plans temporarily until you meet this challenge.

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Twitter said it never considered that deleting inactive accounts also means deleting the posts of deceased users. So, I promised to work on a system that would allow people to permanently retain the profiles of their loved ones. He also said that, as he developed the system, he will not delete any inactive account or profile. In past days, the social network mentioned that it will do this purge to release more usernames.

Creating a new problem in the future

Not only Twitter has retracted following public complaints. Paramount Pictures, the studio behind the new movie live-action from Sonic, he listened to fan complaints and re-design the iconic pet of Sega. Microsoft had to refuse a sale in facial recognition this april for complaints of human rights defenders. Kimberly-Clark had to leave to deny its director and say that in the end it will invest in Mexico after the call for boycott of the population.

The case of Twitter is curious because it opens a situation that may become uncontrollable in the future. In the short and medium term, it is positive that people are allowed to keep the accounts of their loved ones. In the end, social networks become a way to immortalize people who are no longer on the planet. This can help not only relieve pain. It is also a way to pay respect to people for their actions in life.

On the other hand, these functions are only useful when there are still people who remember or want to preserve the history of these deceased individuals. What happens when there are millions of Twitter profiles of people without connections to someone alive? It is necessary that the companies of the industry begin to think about how to solve the problem. If you do not think in advance how to address this challenge, you may be exceeded again, just like now.