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Turn on the dark mode in the Google phone app [APK]

The duality between using light or dark themes has been on Android almost since its inception. At first the system menus were dark, as well as many applications, but over time both Google and the developers opted for brighter colors.

The point is that, as we tell you, dark colors spend less battery, which is why Google is now implementing dark mode or night mode in many of its applications. We had already seen it officially in some such as YouTube and even in some apps of the system such as Contacts.

Now it is the turn of another application, the call or telephone, which is also updated to allow the use of dark tones in line with the rest of the system.

Install the dark mode in the phone app

In the latest update of the beta of the Google calling application, version v26.0.221539659, we can configure the visual theme we want.

To activate the dark mode we must go to Settings, there to Display Options and click on the button that says Dark Mode. As simple as that. The good thing is that if we do not like this mode or if we only want to use it on some occasions we can change it as many times as we want to look.

This mode is also compatible with the Android P option of visual themes that are in the development options so that depending on whether we put a theme or another the application will be activated directly in the same colors to go in line with the rest of the system. It is very likely that in future versions of Android this function is much more advanced.

It should be noted that, in theory, if we activate the dark theme in Contacts it will also be activated in Telephone and vice versa. But if we do not have the Contacts app installed with that function they will appear in light colors, as seen in the image.

For now this dark mode has not been released in bulk so if we want to try it before anyone else we have to download the corresponding APK.