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These are the prizes that bring the Fantasy Royale of Clash Royale

Win prizes with Clash Royale's Fantasy Royale

Do you like Clash Royale competitions? So this post is for you, because due to the finals of the Clash Royale World Championship, Supercell has decided to launch the Fantasy Royale. The game where you can show that you know about eSports and win up to 1000 gems.

In addition, just by participating they give you a reaction. This event be available from November 27 to December 7, 2019. So don't waste any more time!

How to play Fantasy Royale from Clash Royale?

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It really is quite easy, you just have to press the options button, which is in the upper right of the screen, once all debers step on where it says eSports. When you do this you will get the option to play Fantasy Royale, just press where it says Play now.

How do you play Fantasy Royale? Simple, must choose a total of 4 players Among the 5 equipment available:

  • FAV Gaming (Asia).
  • Not going (China).
  • OGN Entus (Asia).
  • SK Gaming (Europe).
  • Team Liquid (U.S).

Can follow the Clash Royale World Championship on his official YouTube channel so you don't miss the games of the final phase.

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The players you choose they will accumulate points depending on the number of crowns they make per game. This is why you should choose them wisely, as you will be competing against many people who also know about the competitive part of the game.

What are the Fantasy Royale awards?

In the beginning they will give you a reaction just for participating. However, the most important are the gems, because You can win up to 1000 gems in the Fantasy Royale. Everything depends on the amount of crowns accumulated by the players you have chosen in the World Cup. You can win between:

  • 1000 gems: if your players make the maximum amount of crowns per game.
  • 500 gems: if you are among 10% of the players with the most points.
  • 250 gems: if you are among 25% of the players with the most points.
  • 100 gems: if you are among 50% of the players with the most points.
  • 25 gems: if you are in the last 25% of the players with the most points.

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All these rewards will be given after finishing the World Championship from Clash Royale on December 7, 2019. So be patient in case those awards take time to arrive. If you have finished choosing your ideal team for Fantasy, we recommend you see the Battle Healer, the new Clash Royale special card.

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