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The valve index runs out after the half-life: Alyx announcement

The time has come Super Mario 64 VR?

A common theory says that one of the reasons why virtual reality simply has not realized until now is because it lacks a killer application. You can put the most impressive technology, but if it has nothing to do with that, what is the point? Someone would have really imported the CDs if Final Fantasy 7 Hadn't he shown what could be done with them? Someone will really care about the analog stick if Super Mario 64 They had not established what they can do? Who cares about online console games? Halo 2 You have not demonstrated your possibilities?

So far, virtual reality has not had that kind of killer application, which limits its adoption and, in turn, limits investment, which makes the possibility that a killer application appears on the platform is rare: a Egg and chicken problem. However, Valve's next VR only Half-Life: Alyx, the first new game for a Valve player in almost a decade, and the first Half life game since 2007, it could be exactly what VR needed.

The proof is in the pudding: Road to VR reports that the Valve Index headphones are now completely sold out in many markets around the world, and now they are delayed. Without the actual numbers at hand, it is impossible to know how good this news is (for starters, the index represents a very small fraction of the larger PCVR market). However, this is evidence that, if nothing else, the interest in virtual reality has skyrocketed at least a little thanks to Half-Life: Alyx.