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The Ruby Booklets arrive on the iPad with the iCuadernos Application

You already have the digital version of the Blond Booklets available for your iPad. Create several profiles for different children in a very fun way. The application divides the exercises into three types of booklets that you can buy individually for 0.79.

iCuadernos RUBIO iPad

Operations, the first level, where children will learn mathematical calculation and handling of the numbers, with notebooks like ?Add without carrying? or some more difficult such as ?Add, subtract, multiply and divide by several figures?.

problems, the second level, where the booklets are already exercises for the child to make the calculations based on a real problem. You will have up to 13 different booklets.

Book us It offers you a third level of exercises where the child must color and associate letters and numbers. Draw paths on the iPad screen or color circles without leaving.

This new App for iPad te Lets try each booklet before buying it. Within the booklets you can choose between a color palette, three types of pencil and two types of eraser.

Here is the video of iCuadernos for iPad:

What a beautiful application comes to the App Store, and what good memories it brings to our memory. The application works very well, and it is fantastic that you can try the booklet before buying it. Also in each notebook there is a secret problem when you solve all the exercises. Book us Allow your children to get prizes and level up, there is an exclusive section to follow their evolution.