The Redmi company create a wider ecosystem with new products

The Redmi company create a wider ecosystem with new products

The expansion of the company Redmi It is being as powerful as the one Xiaomi offered in its day. For this reason, it has prepared new products in ranges where to date it did not have a particularly relevant presence and that would allow it to offer a most complete ecosystem. We show how new it prepares.

The truth is that this makes enough sense to follow the policy that the Chinese company has in mind and that it intends to offer a wide range of products, without reaching what Xiaomi offers at the moment, but large enough for many end up valuing this brand as the reference in their technology products. And where does Redmi want to go? Well, the vice president of the firm, Lu Weibing, has indicated that, at least by this 2020. The idea is to focus on the policy they call «1 + 4 + X«.

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The first number indicates the product that is the central axis of the company, which is none other than the smartphones, which is why they were born and what gives meaning to the rest. And it is in the four where there are novelties that are important, since the first two are well known: laptops and Smart TV, being what the great news remains: they will launch smart routers and speakers. And, this, will make you have a better perception for the users since they will consider them as a very complete company. The indicated X are surprises that the signature is stored in the sleeve.

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Imminent arrival of new Redmi products

The same manager who has confirmed the arrival of the new products has indicated when they will launch those that are completely new: next month They will be presented in China with a smartphone that many expect, such as the Redmi K30. Therefore, getting four in the product ranges is something that does not take long to achieve the signature and, thus, its presence in the market of Internet of Things (IoT) be more concrete and allow you to reach homes, key in every expansion of a technology manufacturer.

You do not have much data regarding the new router and smart speaker that Redmi prepares, but what is certain is that two will be key details in both devices: on the one hand, they can be used by voice commands, and here it seems that the Google assistant outside of China is the chosen one; and, on the other hand, the use of Artificial intelligence -probably with specific processors for it- when optimizing its operation be present as indicated by the CEO of Redmi for all its future products.

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In short, Redmi continues to take steps to increasingly be more like Xiaomi and, therefore, be a more global solution in the market. And, this may make users doubt because they may not find many differences between what the company offers.