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The popular zombie game DayZ already has a version for Android phones: MiniDayZ

The creators of DayZ, a popular computer survival game, have released a reduced version on Android. This is Mini DayZ, a zombie survival game available on Android.

The survival games They have become very famous on computer, have had a few years in which they have become very popular. And one of the games that helped make them popular at the time is DayZ. The game has had its most and least with the community, trips to Everest and unfinished games, but it is undeniable that it was a success at the time.

Android is no stranger to these success trends, and many users are looking to play this kind of games on Android. So said and done: the creators of DayZ have taken a kind of adaptation of your mobile game. And today we have to introduce Mini DayZ, the zombie survival game now available on Android.

Mini DayZ: Survive Between Zombies and Hostiles

The game begins with a kind of tutorial in which we got stuck on an island infested with zombies. We have to leave the island while we survive and find resources, something that helps us learn the mechanics of the game. Once we get over it we can start playing the game as such.

The real game works roughly the same, but without any help. They release us on a map without more, without weapons and without resources. We have to explore the map while we find food and drink, clothes, weapons and resources. We will be vulnerable as long as we don't have any of that, so we have a good reason to be careful.

This is Mini DayZ

Mini DayZ is available for free on Google Play. You have no payments within the application, but we will find ads.