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The official game of the Tour de France, the multi-colored snake in your pocket

One more year has come the time of big dates on two wheels. So to get fully into the environment we bring you the 2017 edition of the official game of the Tour de France. Don't run away without trying it!

If you like cycling and your dream is to be the director of a cycling team you are in luck. Our protagonist is neither more nor less than the official game of the Tour de France.

A game where everything should go … on wheels

Tour de France 2017

Tour de France 2017 - Tests

A detail first of all: although the game is the official of the gala round, do not be fooled by the title. We say it because the game does not stick exclusively to this test, no, it also gives us the option to choose between the great cycling events that exist today.

The basis of the game focuses on that of be the director of our own team in which we must manage from training, to the cycling tests themselves.

In your role as team manager you must take into account each member of the team: analyze the stage and apply a strategy That leads you to victory.

Tour de France 2017 - Cyclists

Following the purest style of the cards we can collect in FIFA, this game uses the same idea. Thanks to that, we can recruit our favorite runners For the team of our dreams.

We know that a cyclist does nothing without his bicycle. To have the best options at the time of victory the official game of the Tour de France offers all kinds of improvements for our bicycles. Tires, pinions and plates, among other pieces.

Visually, the game delights us with 30 different scenarios of locations taken from the great world trials. Something that will help you get into the environment so that taking care of the equipment is more real.

Tour de France 2017 - Locations

The game has a game mode called career, in the purest classic style. But it doesn't just stay there, since we also have a multiplayer mode in which we will face opponents from anywhere.

Despite being free, contains ads. And, if we get stuck, we always have the option to "skip the blocks" through in-game purchases. Another detail to keep in mind is that internet connection required and a device that has at least 1.5 GB of RAM. A bit strange for the type of game it is.

If you are a lover of the sport of two wheels, you have free time and want to take some pedaling Install it before the Tour de France ends. You have the download right below.