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The next big update of No Man's Sky Synthesis is here

Hello Games has released the last big content update for its infamous open universe space simulator No Mans Sky. Titled Synthesis, NMS players can expect a lot of changes in quality of life, new equipment, game techniques and more. You can read it in detail in the developer's blog post here.

Since its original launch in 2016, No Mans Sky has undergone a rare comeback thanks to the massive reworking of the title by the developer. It took years and several massive updates, but NMS today is a significantly different game, and more importantly, much better than at launch. The change among its players is also evident that Hello Games has redeemed itself from excessive promise and poor performance in its original premise.

While previous updates added the construction of bases, third-party play, radically improved multiplayer mode and virtual reality support, today's Synthesis update is mainly focused on making the overall experience much more enjoyable. These are some highlights of the new update.

STAR UPDATESVisit the Spaceship Equipment Terminal at a Space Station to add inventory spaces to your favorite starship, or spend nanites to improve your class.
STAR SALVAGINGThe Starship Equipment Terminal can also be used to save unwanted ships for scrap, providing valuable products and technologies.
NEW LAND EDITION SYSTEMThe terrain manipulator has been improved and optimized, with new visual effects and new modes of restoration and flattening.
FIRST EXOCRAFT PERSONPlayers of all versions of the game now have access to First-Person Exocraft.
NEW CHARACTERSTICS ENABLED IN VRThe features have been unified in VR and not VR. Photo mode and Creature Riding are now available in all versions of the game.
QUALITY IMPROVEMENTS OF LIFEMany frequently used interactions and interfaces have been accelerated, and access to many functions has been simplified. Improvements include: instant access to the Galactic Commerce Terminal; Buy Planetary Graphics from the entire store UI instead of a dialogue interaction; increasing the pulse impulse speed; and the riding of creatures that have only been fed basic bait.
THE INVENTORY MANAGEMENTInventory management has been improved and several improvements in the quality of life of the user interface have been added. The elements can be dragged and dropped to swap positions, or dropped directly into given technologies for automatic repair. Control over stack sizes has been improved in store, transfer and load interfaces. Risk protection updates that are not relevant to the current environment are now hidden in the Menu.