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The first PlayLink game for PS4 and Android is free if you are PS +

PlayLink was presented in the previous E3 anticipating group games on the PlayStation 4 using an Android mobile. And the first game is now available: It's been you!

Those of us who have a PlayStation 4 attend the news of the previous E3 eager to release the next games. And also game systems, which the new PlayLink It got a lot of attention. What does it consist of? It is a cooperative game mode that allows multiple players to play on the same console making use of the mobile. The proposal is innovative, and you can already try

It was you! It is the first game compatible with PlayLink. You can download it at no cost if you are a PlayStation + subscriber. Otherwise you will need to pay 19.99 euros, something expensive considering what it offers. Although yes: the game is very fun played in groups where there is confidence.

A game of questions and answers: guess what others think

Download the first PS4 game that is operated from the mobile, free if you are from PS +

It was you! It is based on the typical group games to propose a series of tests that unite the desktop console and also the mobile. You have to download the game on both PS4 and mobile, connect to the same WiFi network (the PS4 can create an access point) and invite friends to participate. Of course, each player must install the Android (or iOS) version of the game.

This PlayLink title has 1,000 different questions to share with friends using TV and mobile. Based on these questions we will get to know the participants while, bouncing, we draw directly on the screen to make cartoons of the selfies taken by friends or to complete the riddles. As in all games of this type, who wins the right and solves a greater number of tests will win.

PlayLink offers a lot of fun and renews PlayStation's commitment to group games within the same console. Eliminate the barriers of needing as many DualShock 4 controls as players and bet on a device that we all have in your pocket: the mobile. The experience is very positive and opens the door to the new PlayLink games that will come.

It was you! it's free if you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber

If you use the PS + service to upload games to the cloud and enter multiplayer mode you have no excuse: It was you! it will be free and forever; or as long as you keep the PS + subscription active, of course. Each player needs to download the mobile game version on their smartphone. The part of the PS4 occupies 5.1 GB.