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The best Pokmon offers for Black Friday 2019: Sword & Shield, Poke Ball Plus and ms

Thanksgiving is upon us, and Black Friday offers are starting to arrive. There are a lot of great deals on all kinds of video games, consoles and more, but Black Friday also has plenty of special offers for all Pokmon. . Whether it's Pokemon Sword & Shield, Poke Ball Plus, plush figures or anything else, Black Friday has a flood of Pokemon discounts.

While the last entries in the series, Pokemon Sword and Shield, may have recently launched on Nintendo Switch this month, you can now find the cheapest games on Ebay with free shipping. That is not the only valuable treatment available through the digital store. If you are interested in the new Pokemon games but still do not have a Switch, you can choose a Nintendo Switch Lite in your color choice along with a copy of Pokemon Sword for $ 230 – $ 30 of its usual combined price.

Some older Pokmon games are also on sale before Black Friday. You can get the Switch Pokemon titles last year, Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee, for $ 43 each at Amazon, while Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon for 3DS cost $ 23.09. And if you're looking for a Poke Ball Plus, the accessory will be on sale for only $ 20 at various retailers as part of the official Nintendo Black Friday sale.

Those are just some of the good Pokmon deals we've seen before Black Friday 2019; We have rounded down below. We will update this list with any additional Pokemon offers we find, so check back often as we approach Black Friday. You can also see more of the best Black Friday deals this year in games, technology and entertainment below.

The best offers of Pokemon games

Pokemon Sword and Shield (Switch)

Pokemon Sword and Shield | $ 48 ($ 60)

The first games of Pokmon Gen 8 take players to Galar, a picturesque region that houses a variety of new and familiar Pokmon to catch and raise. While the games do not depart much from the established formula of the series, Sword and Shield presents a handful of new features to help keep the experience fresh, including the Wild Area, an open-world place where some incredibly strong Pokmon roam. There are also some new battle techniques to master such as Dynamaxing, which temporarily oversizes a Pokmon during battle.

At this time, the cheapest place to buy Pokemon Sword and Shield is Ebay, where you can get a new copy for $ 48 with free shipping as part of the site's Black Friday sale.

Nintendo Switch Lite package with Pokemon SwordNintendo Switch Lite package with Pokemon Sword

Nintendo Switch Lite + Pokemon Sword Package | $ 230 ($ 260)

The Nintendo Lite-focused Switch Lite works for $ 200 on its own, but you can take it along with a copy of Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield at this time for $ 230, a savings of $ 30. You don't have to wait until Black Friday to take advantage of this agreement, but want to act soon if you are interested, since the quantities are limited and will probably not last long.

Pokemon Sword and Shield (Switch)Pokemon Sword and Shield (Switch)

Pokemon Sword + Pokemon Shield | $ 81 ($ 120)

If you're not sure which new Pokemon game to choose, you can get a copy of Pokemon Sword and Shield at a good discount with this package on Google Shopping. While this offer does not have the double Steelbook package, it offers both games for $ 101 ($ 19 less than they would normally cost if you bought them together), and you can lower it further to $ 81 (plus taxes) with the code promotional promotional code NOVSAVE19: an excellent price for two titles.

Pokmon: Let's Go, Pikachu (Switch)Pokmon: Let's Go, Pikachu (Switch)

Pokmon: Let's Go, Pikachu and Eevee | $ 43 ($ 60)

While Sword and Shield takes place in a completely new region, the Pokemon games of last year, Let's Go, Pikachu and Let's Go, Eevee, on the other hand, re-imagine the classic version of Pokemon Yellow. The titles take players back to Kanto, the scene of the original Pokemon games, where you will find the original 150 Pokmon and fight against the classic gym leaders like Brock and Misty. The games also have some influence of Pokemon Go, that is, in terms of how to catch Pokemon; Instead of fighting wild monsters, you catch them swinging your Joy-Con at the right time.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon (3DS)Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon (3DS)

Pokmon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon | $ 23.09 ($ 40)

The main Pokmon final games to reach 3DS, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are in their major upgraded versions of the Sun and Moon versions of 2016. While the basic story generally remains the same, Ultra games amp the narrative with a new secondary plot focused on the legendary Pokmon Necrozma. A new organization called Ultra Recon Squad is also in the story, and there are also several new Ultra Beasts to catch. The games already have discounts on Amazon, but Best Buy will also have them on sale for $ 25 each during Black Friday.

Poke Ball PlusPoke Ball Plus

Poke Ball Plus | $ 20 ($ 50)

Launched together with Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee, the Poke Ball Plus is a Poke Ball-shaped accessory that works much like a Joy-Con. The controller is also compatible with the recently released Pokemon Sword and Shield, and allows you to take one of your Pokmon with you to walk and earn rewards. In addition to that, each Poke Ball Plus comes with Mew as an additional bonus, so it is the only way you can get the Pokmon Mtico in Let's Go or Sword and Shield so far. The accessory usually costs $ 50, but Best Buy, GameStop, Target and Amazon will have it for only $ 20 during Black Friday.

Nintendo PowerA Pokemon Switch controllerNintendo PowerA Pokemon Switch controller

PowerA Wired Pokemon Nintendo Switch Controller | $ 15 ($ 25)

PowerA wired Switch gaming pads may lack some of the features found in the official Nintendo Switch Pro controller, but they are a good budget conscious alternative, and come in a variety of different designs, including One with Pokemon's adorable pet, Pikachu. You can get this eye-catching controller at Best Buy for only $ 15 on Black Friday, below its normal price of $ 25. Other PowerA controllers based on Zelda, Mario and more will also be on sale; You can check them in our summary of Best Buy Black Friday offers.

The best Pokmon collectible offers

Pokmon Adventures manga setPokmon Adventures manga set

Pokemon Adventures sleeve box set | $ 24.74 ($ 55)

The Pokemon Adventures manga has existed since the first days of the series, until today. This set of boxes includes the first seven volumes of the series. Volumes 1-3 follow Red's story as he travels through Kanto in a search to become Campen of the Pokmon League, while Volumes 4-7 take place two years later and star in a new protagonist, the Yellow headline and his Pikachu.

Pokmon TCG Sun & Moon: Cosmic Eclipse Elite Trainer BoxPokmon TCG Sun & Moon: Cosmic Eclipse Elite Trainer Box

Pokemon TCG Sun & Moon: Cosmic Eclipse Elite Trainer Box | $ 30 ($ 50)

Walmart offers a handful of offers on several Pokemon Trading Card Game box games before Black Friday, including this Elite Trainer Box for the recent expansion of the Sun & Moon series: Cosmic Eclipse. The box includes eight Cosmic Eclipse reinforcement packages, as well as lots of Energy cards, 65 card cases (with Dialga, Palkia and Arceus), dice, game markers and more. It also comes with a guide that teaches you some useful strategies. If you are looking for other gifts from Pokmon TCG, be sure to also consider the Unified Minds Elite Training Box and the Pikachu Greninja-GX Detective Case File.