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The best application for YouTube with everything you want

If we take into account all the hours spent by Android users in the applications I am convinced that in number one it would come out Youtube. Interestingly, it is also one of the ones that consume more battery because it needs the screen to play the videos, even if it is music. But … What if you had a YouTube app with the same design as the official one while maintaining all the options you want?

YouTube Vanced It is an old known of many androids since it is one of the best alternatives to the official application. It is a development that is kept alive to offer those who try the app just what they need and what is not available on YouTube for Android. At least as long as you don't have YouTube Premium, of course.

Vanced It is a living development that has many versions and variations; works with ROOT and also without ROOT by installing a plug-in; It is not a dangerous app since it is safe; and it looks identical to the official YouTube app, so it offers the same comfort.

YouTube Vanced: download videos, floating window, dark mode, screen playback off …

The best application for YouTube with everything you wanted

As you can see the advantages of this application are remarkable and highly demanded. Just download the Apk, and the complement if you want to use your google account, so you get the best playback experience.

The process to install YouTube Vanced On your Android mobile it is very simple, just follow these steps:

  • Check the box of Unknown origins on your mobile In case you have Android 8 or higher, the mobile will ask you to activate the installation of Apks when opening the file.
  • Go to this page of XDA Developers and choose the YouTube Vanced you prefer You don't need ROOT, but you also have a rooted mobile version available.
  • If you want to use your Google account to access the history, your lists and other saved options you must install MicroG Vanced. It is located on the same XDA page.
  • Once you have the two Apks installed you just have to use YouTube as you would use the official application.

With YouTube Vanced you can play videos with the screen off, download them, you have available playback in PIP or floating window, you will also see them without ads … And with exclusive settings that only provides you Vanced, as different themes, forced codecs of reproduction, auto repetition and many more options.

The best application for YouTube with everything you wanted

If you were looking for one YouTube alternative You have already found it: Vanced is one of the most popular and used. Just try it to find out why: you will have everything you were looking for on YouTube at the touch of a click.

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The best application for YouTube with everything you want
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