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The BeatBlaster, a very Retro App for Listening to Music on iPad

The Beat Blaster Create a hi-fi device on your iPad with many features of these devices. The application has a retro touch and its interface shows us an old-fashioned digital equalizer, but which has always been very popular. You can choose to listen to the music on your iPad or listen to a wide variety of radio channels. You can also share what you are hearing on the popular social networksFacebook and Twitter.

The BeatBlaster iPad

The application consists of several screens. In the main one the string in s appears, with all its ?little buttons?And volume controls and advanced and fast reverse. Also from here we choose CD (music from your library) or Radio.

The BeatBlaster syncs with your music library and he shows it to you on a second screen, as a CD?s bookstore, where you can see the song of the box with the title, take it out and take a look at the list of songs.

For the more nostalgic, It has a playback mode that simulates a vinyl turntable, where you can play with the needle position and remove yourself, with one finger, the arm to stop playing the vinyl.

On the other hand you can choose the screen where it simulates the box of a speaker, with its bass and treble zone. The speaker moves synchronized with the rhythm of the music, a detail!

Here tennis the video of The BeatBlaster for iPad:

We liked a lot The BeatBlasterIn addition to allowing you to listen to music, it has a very beautiful and very careful interface. There are two details that are really good: one, the possibility of removing the equalizer and putting in its place the lyrics of the song, and the other, the possibility of downloading the ?BeatBlaster Remote? application, free, on your iPhone on your iPod Touch and use them, via Bluetooth, as a remote control. In addition, this app for iPad is also optimized for Retina Display.