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Security tips for Android systems


Security tips for Android systems

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August 21, 2012

According to a study recently conducted by Kaspersky Labs, Android still having problems with securityThey may even be growing over time. Anyone using a phone or tablet is exposed to malware If you do not take certain measures and, although sometimes it is inevitable, following these simple safety tips, it will be much more difficult for our device to suffer such problems.

The realwire media has warned about the rising levels of malware in Google's operating system. In fact, the graphics it shows are not encouraging at all and the number of Trojans that have their target on Android would be grown to 14,000. They are mostly malicious programs that are looking for get information of users or, in the case of telephones, carry out downloads that would make SMS shipments to premium numbers from the device without the owner knowing. Our fellow Android Help details you this report.

According to experts, we must not exaggerate the risk of Android, but the following tips are preventive and seek to avoid exposure to these types of programs, which in most cases is the best security system we can adopt.

Avoid unknown sources: It is the main precept to keep our system safe. We can also give the order to our device so that it does not install anything that comes from an unknown source and it is quite advisable to do so: we go to Settings (Security)> and make sure that the Unknown Sources option (Unknown Sources) this disabled. In case you want to download something from Amazon, you can enable it momentarily and then block it again.

Use Google Play: That you can download a game or application directly from the Google Play store does not mean that it is free of infections. It is important to contrast the experience of other users, read their comments and see the votes They give you the application. The problem comes when it comes to a novelty, so perhaps it is convenient to wait a bit or carry out another type of investigation more complex

Search for information about the app on the net: It is always a good sign that the developer has their own website where they explain or review their products, but it is also advisable to read independent analysis. Be careful to be looking for information on the correct application because many have names and designs similar to others to try to confuse to the users.

Check the updates before installing them: Sometimes we are very careful when deciding to download an application and, however, we do the updates without taking the same precautions. It's okay to follow the previous tips with each new version and go to Google Play to see if it's worth installing. Create one false sense of security Initial about an application is a very common tactic among malware programmers.

Common sense: Making use of common sense is the best way to avoid malware. Most users will never have to deal with this problem, but being a bit cautious and informing ourselves about what we let into our device is essential. The antivirus They are an option to complement these preventive measures, but in no case are they the absolute solution alone.

Security tips for Android systems
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