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Review and videoreview of the Motorola XOOM tablet

Today we have to introduce the Motorola XOOM, the first Android tablet that was developed, or at least with which Google worked for the creation of Honeycomb.

So here we have the review and the videoreview On this great Motorola tablet, for which it is doubtful between a tablet or another, and for those who do not see all these types of devices, we hope that it serves to clarify you to one side or another. Here we go.

External analysis

I have to say to start that I did not see excessive sense to the tablets, I have never seen one, the truth, but what I sure had was that if it made sense it would be one of 10.1 inch of screen. So glad to live together a time to, perhaps, change your mind.

This XOOM, the MZ604, it's about the version Wifi from 32 GB, so I want to clarify that I will not talk about the quality of 3G reception. Its measures, 249.1 x 167.8 x 12.9 mm, and its weight, 730 grams, are the first point of interest. I must say that it is true that there are thinner and lighter tablets (not in Spain yet), but I must say that it does not get heavy, much less in our daily use, just like its thickness. Very practical.

The TFT screen It is another important aspect to try, it looks perfectly, good luminosity, but here comes the first paste, grease stains. Far from chasing away the fat, it seems that it attracts it at times, it is nothing more than cleaning it, but it can be annoying if there is direct light. It must also be said that at the moment none has that technology, so this paste is widespread.

We have different points throughout the tablet that we have to deal with. The connectors are all on the bottom edge, one microUSB, microHDMI and that of charger. The charger that comes is a bit too big, almost like a laptop, but the funny thing is that there is a travel version, the same size as a phone charger, and instead of coming that size comes the big one, which I think it is not very successful, but hey, it doesn't give much trouble, but to prefer …

In the top instead we have the 3.5 mm minijack and the microSD card slot, which in the 3G version is the slot for the data SIM. By rear we have the ignition button (I would also like to rethink that point, because if it is supported on an annoying flat surface that is there), and next to one of the two speakers (the other symmetrically on the other side) and the camera 5MP with double LED flash, the front is 2MP. Both fulfill their function perfectly, the front better than I expected. Of course on the sides the volume controls.

Technical features and hardware

  • 10.1 inch HD screen with 16:10 format of Gorilla Glass.
  • Processor Nvidia Tegra 2 Dual core at 1 GHz.
  • 32 GB storage memory and 1 GB DDR2 RAM.
  • Support Full HD (1080p) with HDMI output.
  • 5 MP rear camera that captures video at 720p (30 fps).
  • 2 MP front camera.
  • Accelerometer, gyroscope and barometer (the latter exclusively but I have not taken any advantage)
  • A-GPS support
  • Wi-Fi, 3G (this is not) and DLNA (compatible) connectivity.

Another hot spot of interest may be the drums, tell you that obviously nothing has to do with those of mobile phones first because it has more than 4000 mAh and second because of the type of use. With the WiFi connected without rest and with an intensive use in terms of games (specifically the Samurai II: Vengeance, to get the whole game out of Nvidia Tegra 2) and videos (put that on the most intense day they have been approximately 4 hours of playback ) the battery can ask for a charge after 22-24 hours. With less intensive use it could be a couple of days (not reaching 48 hours), and disconnecting the WiFi when it is not used we spend 4-5 days or so, depending on the use.

Finally in this regard you can see the data on the right after a test of benchmark with Quadrant, for fans of it. Do not be alarmed, maybe it is not a good program for tablets and dual cores, but there are those 2031 points, it moves between 1800 and 2200, but of course it will increase with Android 3.1.


Here I am not going to expand much. Well you know he has Honeycomb (Android 3.0), but that the other day received the update to be able to have 3.1. This Honeycomb is pure like that of the entire first batch of Android tablets With the blue bee I must say that in my opinion and this has nothing to do with this tablet exclusively, Honeycomb is still a little green due to the lack of more dedicated applications. The operating system itself seems perfect, but it makes no sense if we don't have more applications to take advantage of its benefits. Feed readers, Twitter customers, Google Music and some office suite delight users (there are spectacular) but the thing is there for now, you have to squeeze the honeycomb rich honey. But don't touch the notification bar, just perfect.

Motorola XOOM video view

Without further ado I leave you with the video recorded so that you can see it more lively, with a brief analysis of this tablet:

Personal conclusion

Well after intensive use I must say that although I have not finished parking my laptop, it has made me forget it on several occasions, because the comfort of navigation is the same as using Google Chrome really (well the flash content goes a bit more locked than I would like), but to have breakfast today, watch movies or series, play on the big screen, YouTube videos or even to use Gtalk (very good video call quality in my opinion) is more than ideal.

If you have doubts regarding keyboard To tell you that it takes forever to get the trick between a day and two, at the end I was typing as fast as on the laptop. And more when I tried the version of Swype for tablets.

I really enjoy the applications created especially for Honeycomb, especially with the RSS readers, which I loved, and if I tell you the truth, now I see more meaning to a tablet. I still do not believe that it is a necessary gadget (I know that none is if we get silly, but you understand me), but now I understand its great utility, very comfortable for transport and available in any situation at home, whether in the work table, the kitchen table or the sofa. I really liked the Motorola XOOM.


And with this we say goodbye, a series of images in which you can compare its size with that of a large phone to a laptop and see different aspects of this great tablet. We hope you liked it and there you have the comments for your questions.