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Resident Evil 3 front and center Steam series sales announcement

A photo … a provocation … maybe.

It is the Black Friday season, which means sales, sales and more sales. On PC through Steam, the legendary survival horror series, resident Evil, is having an important sale of franchises. They announced it through Facebook, and it is interesting the game they have put in front and center when announcing it.

The announcement came with a new graphic that highlights several characters in their many incarnations. In front and center? Jill is famous Resident Evil 3 Look, and the iconic Nmesis of the same game looms over everything. We have long heard that a new version of Resident Evil 3 is coming, as soon as next year. Is this a mockery in a series of potential teasing, like some music well placed in the next Resistance Project and some cheeky Twitter jokes. It could also be a great photo and not be a mockery of any kind.

Either way, the franchise will be on sale on Steam until December 3. Although, ironically, Resident Evil 3 It is not among them, since a remake has not yet been published and the original version of the game was never released through Steam. It's weird to put a game that isn't even available in an ad like this, right? Or maybe not. But is it?

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