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Red Dead Redemption 2 lands on Steam on December 5

The great success of Rockstar, Wild West, Red Dead Redemption 2 is now available for PC through the developer's own Rockstar Games Launcher (RGL) and the Spike Games Store (EGS). Today, we finally have the concrete release date for the Steam version of the game, which is next week, on December 5. You can make a wishlist of RDR2 on Steam right now!

The PC game scene has changed dramatically in the last year and not everything was for the right reasons. The exclusivity between the games has been a fundamental pillar since the beginning of the media basically, but the PC platform was excluded mainly in the form of console-only games. After Valve established Steam as the de facto place to play on PC, only a few great publishers, such as EA or Blizzard, even tried to offer their titles exclusively through their own stores.

For the first time since Steam came out, we are now seeing a formidable fight for the supremach of the PC with Epic Games Store. Epic has been closing timed exclusivity agreements with a wide range of publishers and independents. The last among Red Dead Redemption 2. The long-awaited PC port of the excellent open-world action adventure did not come out on Steam when it was launched earlier this month on RGL and EGS. In that sense, we are really talking about Exclusiveness rather than Exclusiveness However, the Epic agreement for RDR2 seemed especially regrettable, since it is only one month, instead of the usual 12 months. PC players have not really been welcomed by how Epic gained market share on the PC, either by taking away customers' choice of where to play or the mediocre features of the Epic Games Store.

I really enjoyed my time with RDR2 on PC and I think it's the best way to experience it. With Rockstar making good use of the one-month period when launching substantial patches, Steam's launch seems to be the perfect time to jump. Sometimes, the wait is worth it.