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News of the Week: Alexa us, Samsung launches the Galaxy A80 Monroe / CNET

This week we have known a somewhat chilling news: Alexa may be listening to conversations of some users beyond the commands you give the virtual assistant. Amazon will have implemented a team of humans that not only hears what you order from your smart speaker, but is also able to hear you at other times.

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Alexa Espa us, comes the Galaxy A80 and Julian's drama …


CNET Week in Spanish is a program – well, weekly, in which we summarize the most interesting news of the week. You can follow it on our website or at our YouTube page.

Technically the listeners are to improve the way Alexa responds to you, although the whole process is somewhat disconcerting. That is, being honest, I never expected to have too much privacy once I let a virtual assistant into my house, especially considering all the problems that have arisen in the last year, not only with speakers but also with speakers with the security of cameras that have been hacked, among other devices.

Let's talk about more exciting things. Samsung launched a series of new cell phones at an international event, in which it also announced that the Galaxy J line, the cheapest phone line, disappears, to give way to new models of the Galaxy A series.

This opens the camera of the Galaxy A80.


The mobile phones Galaxy A20e, Galaxy A40 and Galaxy A80 They go on the market, although we still don't know their availability. The most exciting is the A80, because it has a retractable camera and few bezels and we expect a cheaper price than the Galaxy S10e.

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We compare the LG G8 ThinQ and Galaxy S10.

Juan Garzn / CNET in Spanish

By the way LG G8 ThinQ It has gone on sale and we have already analyzed it and we have also done a camera test, facing it Galaxy S10, which you can already see on our website.

Changing matters, you should know that the government of Ecuador decided to eliminate the asylum protection granted to Julian Assange, which meant the arrest of the founder of WikiLeaks by the London Metropolitan Police. The fact was on everyone's lips, and Of course social networks reacted to this.

And we cannot pass up a superimportant fact for the scientific community: the first photo of a black hole, made jointly by several countries, and that let us see for the first time a direct image of this phenomenon, which looks like an unfocused fire.

And finally – you are making me work a lot today – I have to remind you that April 15 expires on period to file taxes in the United States. If you have not done so or if you missed your time, check out our guide here.