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New Archos devices: A pair of Honeycomb tablets and an Android radio

The company Archos it has been benevolent with the android today, since in our constant search for news we have found three new gadgets with those who enjoy the Android. They are about two tablets and a radio to give a touch more Android to our house.

First we find the tablets, he Archos 80 G9 and the Archos 101 G9, both with Honeycomb 3.1 with a OMAP 4 dual-core processor with a negligible power of 1.5GHz, which next to the storage of 250GB They are made by very juicy tablets. He Archos 80 G9 will cost 279$ for a tablet of 8 ″ with resolution of 1024 × 768 and 4: 3 ratio, which is not the best way to watch videos but lets see. He Archos 101 G9 will be sold by $ 349 for a tablet of 10 ″ with resolution 1280 × 800 and ratio 16:10, which although it is not 16: 9, is the ratio of my desktop monitor and has nothing to envy at 16: 9. No doubt these tablets They are very cheap, although none incorporate 3G. Will be available from September, although there is no news that they will arrive in Spain.

On the other hand, Archos wants to give a touch of home automation to the house with his new Android radio, the Archos 35 Home Connect. It is simply a Wi-Fi radio and that picks up the signal by streaming to more than 50,000 stations from around the world radio. It also has alarm clock, traffic, weather and news, with some simple Android applications. The price is $ 135, that although it is an interesting device, the price pulls me back. It is also expected for September.

Undoubtedly, Archos wants to cover all types of markets with very simple but cheap devices, such as low cost airlines, which offer you fair capacities at a cheap price but has nothing to do with the most careful sections such as the HTC Flyer or the Galaxy Tab 10.1

New Archos devices: A pair of Honeycomb tablets and an Android radio
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