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Municipality of San Luis Potos buys 15 pickup trucks

Soon the future will reach the municipality of Ciudad de Valles, San Luis Potos, now that Mayor Adrin Esper Crdenas has given up on the fever over the new pickup from Tesla, Cybertruck. In press conference, Esper Crdenas announced the purchase of 15 bullet trucks to carry out patrolling, garbage collection and water supply activities.

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Just a few days ago, Tesla CEO Elon Musk presented the futuristic Cybertruck made of stainless steel alloy that, however, did not pass the bulletproof test. The presentation was a mess between quotation marks, since Tesla got more than 250,000 Cybertrucks already booked in less than a week, when the truck's last days has basically been Internet teasing. But that has not been an obstacle for the mayor of Ciudad Valles I decided to set aside 15 Tesla vehicles for “common sense”.

“It's not so much for speed because we don't want speed, what we are looking for is torque to be able to pull water pipes, garbage trailers. They will have double or triple the load of a normal truck, ”he said.

Crdenas mentioned that the total amount for the acquisition will be 20 million pesos, with an initial investment of 30 thousand pesos -which is the same gift of his salary- for the advance of the Cybertruck. While he said that the cost for the trucks is "a little high", the important thing will be the benefits that the municipality will have, "Because if you do not put maintenance on it and do not put fuel on it, in one year you can save 24 million and already paid more than half of the investment", explained

"We took a picture, I will send it to Elon Musk, to see if they make us a discount," he jokes.

The Cybertruck is expected to be readyby the end of 2022.The cheapest version of the van is around 39,900 dollars, while the second model costs about 49,000 dollars and the luxury version 69,900 dollars.


Municipality of San Luis Potos buys 15 pickup trucks
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