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Lenovo makes official the Miix 720 with Kaby Lake in the previous CES 17


Lenovo makes official the Miix 720 with Kaby Lake in the previous CES 17

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January 3, 2017

lenovo miix 720 design

This news had been leaked a few weeks ago and has materialized just today, on the occasion of the days prior to the CES in Las Vegas. The Lenovo Miix 720 It is official, renewed inside and out, but still with an aesthetic line of obvious inspiration in the Surface. The most important thing, perhaps, is that the product hosts the new processors Kaby lake Intel, an improvement that is still missing from Microsoft tablets.

The first products of the technology fair that are held every year during the first days of January in the city of Las Vegas begin to show their faces. If yesterday the data of the new convertible of Dell based on its popular XPS 13, today it is Lenovo's turn, with the renewal of a line initiated at CES 2016. In this case, the Miix 720 provides the best technical features of the moment in a format very similar to Surface.

Lenovo Miix 720: a team to shore up the high-end

What can we say about Lenovo. It is a company that spares no effort or resources to offer the best to the consumer, and the (even) better is that it manages to do so at prices that do not seem far-fetched. If a few days ago we talked about the ThinkPad Yoga 370, today it's time to do it Miix 720.

Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 370: features of the latest convertible signature

Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 370: features of the latest convertible signature

The product has luxury specifications: an LCD screen in 3: 2 12-inch format and 2880 × 1920 pixels, Intel Kay Lake processors, until i7, with its Intel HD Graphics 620 card. Up to 16 GB of RAM and up to 1TB of SSD disk storage capacity. Its battery, without specific technical data, provides an estimated duration of 8 hours. The cameras are perhaps the most discreet of the Miix 720, with 1 and 5 megapixels.

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The operating system is Windows 10, but unlike the ThinkPad laptops presented in recent days, this version does include bloatware. In fact, preinstalled applications are quite numerous. The interesting thing, of course, is that we will have the tool facial recognition from Microsoft

Juicy extras for a new essential segment

The device, which will go on sale in April 2017, at an initial price of $ 999, includes in its box the 1.5 mm thick keyboard. He Active pen 2However, it can be purchased with the product or purchased separately (about $ 60). This accessory is one of the stars of the new generation, with up to 4096 different sensitivity levels and a button with which we can perform different shortcuts on the Windows system.

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Among the news on the outside, Lenovo has placed its iconic kickstand hinges and get a rotation of up to 150º, to find the optimal posture at all times. The body is completely metallic, with 14.5 millimeters thick and brings Thunderbolt 3 ports, USC Type C, Micro SD and two full-size USB.