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Jump to the end and dodge crazy obstacles in Flippy Hills

Flippy Hills combines physics with arcade mechanics to give us a simple and addictive game in equal parts. Will you be the most stylish chicken?

Smartphones have become a ideal platform to play anywhere. And this has led to the creation of a new genre of games ideal for mobile games. Simple games, with controls adapted to the touch screens, that hook and have quick games.

Today we bring you one of those games that hook for its simplicity of play and difficulty. Flippy Hills is a game that combine physics with arcade controls to give us an addictive and complicated game in equal parts.

Get to the end to jump in Flippy Hills

Flippy Hills: jump to the end

The controls are quite simple: by pressing on the right of the screen the chicken will jump forward, and pressing on the left will slow down. That is the only thing we can do, jump and control speed to which the chicken goes.

And, of course, the challenge is what is placed ahead of the chicken. We found different obstacles and traps that take advantage of physics to work. We will have to be fast or patient, go faster or slower, depending on what we have in front of us.

The ultimate goal is reach the goal and collect all the coins present in the level. From that we will get up to 3 stars per level, and the obvious challenge is to get the 3 stars at all levels.

Flippy Hills is available for free on Google Play. We meet purchases within the application to acquire coins, which serve us to acquire new chickens and skip levels. Although it is not very complicated to get those coins playing without paying. We also find ads from time to time.