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Improve your business with this Google application

Google has updated its application for small businesses called My Business. This application allows us to manage our small business, improving our visibility in applications such as Google Maps. We explain how it works and how it can help you boost your business.

Google My Business is the perfect application to improve the visibility of small businesses

?When we opened to the public, at the beginning of the summer season, we only had Google Ads advertising and a profile in Google My Business, and the next month we already managed to fill out, something we did not expect?, says Silvana, co-owner of the rural house of Lar das Pías in Orense. This is reflected in the Google blog, as an example of how their services can help small entrepreneurs prosper.

Applications such as Google Maps or Google Trips have become tools with great potential for companies to improve their visibility. Google Maps is preinstalled on your mobile and is integrated into Google's own assistant. If I am in a place that I don't know very well, I can ask Google for nearby coffee shops, and it will show me the outstanding coffee shops on Maps.

If you have a small store, this will surely interest you, since appearing on Google Maps can attract customers without having to make a large initial outlay. But of course, you will most likely ask yourself: «Ok, I have a business and I want to appear on Google Maps, how do I do it».

What advantages does Google My Business offer

The Google My Business application is what you need to improve your business. By installing this application on your Android or iOS mobile, you can manage all the information that Google will show about your company.

Google trips allows us to plan our trip. It is useful and being here gives a lot of visibility.

This application is free, and allows us add direct information to our company profile, as offers or photographs of our store. As well puts us in touch with our customers, since anyone can contact us by phone or courier to answer questions or make reservations.

Information analysis is also a fundamental part., since the My Business application allows us to know who contacts us or how many people look for us on the Internet.

All these tools require learning time, but if you master them, they can be a great help to achieve success in your business. Without a doubt, My Business is an application that we recommend to test if you are a small entrepreneur and want to improve the reach of your company.