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How to use Apple AirPods with entertainment systems on airplanes

One of the restrictions that the Apple AirPods is that they cannot be used together with entertainment systems that are in the airplanes, since they do not have cable connectivity (they use Bluetooth). Well, there are ways to achieve this and, therefore, not have to use what is offered in airlines that do not offer high quality in general.

The twilight of the headphone jack is a reality in smartphones, but not in other options such as, for example, the ones we comment on offered on airplanes to watch series, movies and even listen to music. The fact is, if you have an accessory that gives use to wireless technology, such as the Apple AirPods, you will not have to take another product to be able to listen to conversations with a more than acceptable quality while going from Spain to the US, for example.

Tips and tricks to use the AirPods Pro like a pro

What you have to do to put a cable in the Apple AirPods

Well basically you have to add a accessory which allows you to provide cable connectivity to Apple headphones or others that use Bluetooth technology. This converts the wireless option into something physical that can be connected to the type socket 3.5 mm jack that are offered in the entertainment systems of the planes.

This type of device has advantages over other solutions, such as using an adapter that connects to the ports of the headphones (we refer to the charging), since the whole process of pairing It is very simple and, therefore, in a matter of a few seconds and has everything perfectly configured. In addition, with this type of dongleThe freedom of movement offered by models such as Apple AirPods is maintained, since Bluetooth is still used to access the new accessory.

Bluetooth Accessory Mpow Bluetooth Transmitter

The process of use It is practically similar in all the adapters that this type of converter offers and that are very useful when traveling by plane. It is as follows:

  • Charge the new accessory before using it.
  • Press the power button continuously to activate the pairing process (there may be a management application that you can use).
  • Now do the same with Apple AirPods or other Bluetooth headphones and, when the LED flashes change, the sync will be over.
  • Connect the adapter directly to the headphone jack as usual. Have finished.

Buy an accessory for Bluetooth headphones

If the idea we have proposed convinces you, and you don't know where to get the dongle in question for Apple AirPods or similar, you should know that Amazon there are different models that we think are interesting and, one, stands out above the rest: the Mpow Bluetooth transmitter. We leave the link to the online store so you can get it easily: