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How to sync notifications on all your Android devices

Notification management has always been one of Android's strengths. As the system advances, it also does so in the way we interact with these alerts that come from the applications. But despite that there are still things that are not managed at all well and for this we have to resort to some apps developed by third parties, such as Bridge.

Synchronizing notifications between devices

This application allows us to manage notifications more comfortably when we use more than one device. Sometimes we have applications installed on a tablet and not on the mobile or vice versa and Bridge allows us to interact with them. Useful for example when we are with the tablet and receive an SMS on the mobile. Now we can see it tb on the big screen.

We can replicate the notifications of a different device, and even respond or delete it from where we are, without looking for the mobile or tablet where it was originally sent. This is so since all the devices on which we install it will communicate with each other with a profile that we will have to create when we open the application for the first time although the registration is very simple.

We can choose to have all applications have access to this function or say only those that we want to be shown on other devices, so that notifications that may not matter to us do not arrive.

Security is a very careful section and it is that all the data that is sent between the different devices is encrypted. As a curiosity, we will also have a notification of when one of our devices is charging.

Bridge costs 2.29 euros although we can try it for free for 15 days, to verify that it works as we want and that it really gives us. After that time we can make use of the purchase option in app to pay that amount.