Galaxy Missile War

Galaxy Missile War takes you to sidereal space as a whole IDLE

Galaxy Missile War is a new space idle in which we will have to improve all parts of our ship so that it is capable of dealing well alone with all those enemy ships that will attack us.

One of those idle in which we rather witness a ‚Äúpyrotechnic‚ÄĚ show And it is going to be that way, since one of its best features are those explosions and massive attacks that are generated on the screen.

Push your ship through the sidereal space

Galaxy Missile War

There are few idle and clickers that we have in the Google Play Store. And the truth is that it costs us a lot to bring some along these lines, because they little improve or innovate what we already know. Unless the subject is also decisive so that it is worth making a review.

Galaxy Missile War

If there is something that Galaxy Missile War has called our attention to is for that pyrotechnic show that is generated on the screen of our mobile from the first moment of the game. It should be appreciated that at least they have been cured in this regard to have the feeling that our ship is facing hordes of enemy ships of all kinds.

We will take care of to improve all those parts that we understand they can come to us better to continue progressing and thus do justice to the enemy hordes that will try to make our mission a failure.

32 astronomical cannons in Galaxy Missile War

Galaxy Missile War stands out for having a great variety of content. We talk about its 32 astronomical cannons and unlimited improvements, or those more than 100 new units and weapons that will allow us to have a whole game for very good times.

Also, the hordes of enemy ships will vary greatly thanks to their more than 100 different characters. And is that mobirix, the studio responsible for publishing this idle in the Google Play Store, he has worked hard enough so that the gameplay is not tedious. At least in the part that touches in that variety said updates of our ship and the different ships that we will destroy with those infernal turrets.

Apart from upgrading our ship, we can also activate two special abilities of great damage power. One is the concentrated bombing and that will be able to eliminate to any enemy ship that is in its radius of action, and the laser cannon, a very powerful weapon for the many final bosses that we will meet in Galaxy Missile War.

Live show

Galaxy Missile War

Galaxy Missile War takes us to those idle and to which we did not refer for a few months with Hello Hero All Stars. Maybe at first they may be too many elements of our ship to be updated, but taking our time (difficult because of the stress of seeing that generation of explosions and all kinds of lasers), we will be able to improve the parts that interest us most.

A freemium game with the technical aspect to highlight, although we remain, logically, with the graphic level and all that is generated on the screen of our mobile. The truth that sometimes it becomes difficult to know how to separate enemy missiles from ours. Just as the show that originates when we use the Bombing as a special ability is visible. We do not even want to imagine what it will be like when we get on our ship well and destroy every enemy ship that meets us.

Galaxy Missile War is an idle of galactic ships with that shoot ’em up, although we are not an active part of the combat, to enjoy our mobile for free. If you have just bought a new smartphone and it has a good screen, do not hesitate to try it to see that magical experience of lights and that almost seems like the town's parties with fireworks. We found it lovely.