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Free applications that were previously paid, download these offers

The time has come to dive into the Google Play to locate the best Offers in apps and games. Well, you don't have to dive because we already did it; and we have located a good collection of free games and applications that are waiting for you to download it to your mobile.

As usual, all the offers that we present to you will be operational for a short time since they will not take long to recover their original price. So it is best to download them as soon as possible to keep them well stored in your library. There is no poor quality today: all these recommendations deserve the download.

Free Android Apps

Free Android Games

Free Android customization applications

Don't go yet, we have other very juicy offers for you. They are not zero euros, but that does not imply that we stop recommending them: these specific offers must be taken advantage of. Do not miss it!

Aldiko Classic Premium

This application to read electronic books is one of the best known and used in Android. It is not the cheapest, but the quality comes at a price. Of course, now you can get cheaper: Aldiko Classic Premium It has a 48% discount.

Marmalade Game Studio games

This developer owns a handful of titles that are adaptations of board games. Apps very well made, of the highest quality and with all the fun. And with a generous discount …

Spirit HD and XHD

Spirit HD

This excellent game has some time on the market, but still offers so much gameplay and fun that it's always worth it. Especially the XHD version, which is also on offer: get Spirit with more than 65% discount.

Whale Trail Classic

A classic on Android that does not pass the time: still as beautiful as the first day. And just as fun: how long can you endure controlling the whale? An endless game that deserves the purchase: you have it with an 83% discount.

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Free applications that were previously paid, download these offers
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