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Fitbit updates its star smartwatch, Versa 2

The team has a careful design and is especially aimed at athletes

Fitbit is a company that offers a wide range of wristbands for athletes. With the local release of Versa 2, we tested the special edition that stands out for including some extra straps.

This smartwatch is very reminiscent of Apple Watch. It has a square design but with rounded edges. To start using it, you must install the Fitbit app and complete the registration. Once the configuration is finished -which includes providing, for example, our weight and size-, we can choose and download the watch model that will be shown on the main screen; There are from analog to digital through extravagant models with pet designs.

With some models we can not only see the time but also the heart rate, the number of steps and the burned calories, all at once. Otherwise you will have to access the Today option to see these records.

Like most of these solutions, Versa 2 allows you to receive all kinds of notifications in your face, from calls and emails to WhatsApp messages; We can answer the latter through voice dictation, which Versa 2 is responsible for converting to text.

With the smartwatch we can control certain devices thanks to the inclusion of Amazon's Alexa assistant. Unfortunately it still does not work in our country ( It is a pity that it does not include, in addition, the Google Assistant.

Other things we can control is our Spotify playlist, without having to take the phone out of your pocket. An interesting option that is extracted is the inclusion of an app to do the same with YouTube Music.

The back of Versa 2, where the sensors are observedThe back of Versa 2, where the sensors are observed

If we want to free ourselves from the phone, we can load music into the memory of the watch and play it directly from there using headphones. For this we must download the computer program that allows us to upload the music we select.

Sports lovers will surely take advantage of this product. In the Exercises section there are disciplines such as swimming, running, weights, bicycle, and so on. We will also have a personal digital coach called Coach, who has loaded different types of activities, represented with animations with real people and in color.

The Fitbit Versa 2 is one of the most complete smartwatch on the market. It stands out throughout the fitness and sleep control section as well as the option to receive and respond to notifications.

The inclusion of some apps that may be useful remains in the pipeline.

The regular version is sold in Argentina for $ 21,699, and the special version for $ 24,699. Versa 2 is obtained in premises of the Compumundo and Mercado Libre chain.


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