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Facebook Dark Mode seen by more Android users »ERdC

Facebook Dark Mode seen by more Android users

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Facebook is working in a dark mode for your Android application. Facebook joins the trend of the already very popular function of the dark mode; and now seeks to implement this functionality together with the main technological experts. It has become a very popular function and in a need for users to turn on the dark mode during the nights; this to resist the unnecessary exposure of light.

This news has been propitiated by some users; who on Reddit have shared the screenshots of the dark mode of Facebook dated a couple of months ago. The screenshots showing the dark mode have also been shared on Twitter profiles; users called Nagesh Bande and Lock made the catches public. A curious fact is that the dark mode is only seen in Android Smartphone.

According to what the screenshots reveal; Facebook darken the entire user interface with a single grayish instead of black in all its hue. The color of the text changes to a light grayish color to match the contrast. However, no screenshot has not been confirmed, but we hope there is a AMOLED optimized mode with a pure black background.

Facebook has not made any official pronouncement about the dark mode; It hasn't even ruled on leaked screenshots. However we hope that Facebook is working on that and the function is being implemented as soon as possible.

Apart from the dark mode; The king of social networks is also testing the role of favorites as close friends of Instagram. While talking with TechCrunch, a reverse engineer confirms the development of the new feature. The user will be able to manually add ten friends to the favorites list; You can then send status updates and other stories individually. The function has been developed by the Messenger team and is expected to be available for public use very soon.

Other manufacturers such as Google, Microsoft and others have already begun to implement support in dark mode; Their respective services already offer the function that is quite useful. WhatsApp, which is owned by Facebook; It is also in the process of bringing it to Android; as well as your web application.

Just wait for the official announcement of Facebook to know when the dark mode will arrive. For any new information, we will be attentive to inform.


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