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Drift]When making donuts, it's not what you're thinking

We bring you a game in which the important thing is to go sideways and with style. (Project: Drift) is a game with which you will smoke …

Car games there is a wide range of options, whatever the platform. We find from the most arcade to those that are simulators, pure and hard. But if there is something that connects directly with our most primary instinct, those are skids.

And skidding is the thing since we bring you a game that is based solely and exclusively on them. If you don't have mosquitoes in the side windows … you are not playing well.

(Perfect: Drift)

Fiat 500 doing a skidding combo

As soon as we run the game we find a visual bet quite spectacular and attractive. We must bear in mind that the game is in the open beta phase, so we may find some odd error. Having said that, let's continue.

Adjustable control options

Being a game in which the skidding prevails over all, it is necessary to achieve that balance point at the time of its control. The game gives us choose between three control options, adding the possibility of adjusting the sensitivity.

Physics in such a game are everything and, although it should improve some aspects, they are remarkable. Since the feeling it conveys is quite good, especially playing on a smartphone. We don't have that feeling that everything goes a bit on "automatic."

The sound an improvable section

If in the visual section the game stands out for good, in the sound gives us one of lime and another of sand. The sound of the engine is very successful and gives you that feeling of power that we like to hear. The music is limited to a single song that is repeated over and over again, so after a while playing it is best to deactivate it.

Mitsubishi EVO in full skidding

Visually, a great job

The modeling of cars is full of details and are recognizable at first sight. We have the option to select the color that we like, even if it is a basic option, it is appreciated.

The circuits sin maybe of being quite simple in the design, but once inside the game it is something that you totally ignore. Since you have to be busy releasing smoke and going sideways.

The cameras of the game are basically two: a race call and a drift call. Each one being adjustable to our liking to play comfortable.

Different game modes. The multiplayer will arrive soon

The game offers us a wide range of game options, offering us:

  • Carrier: A "career" mode in which to move forward we must unlock the next section.
  • Gymkhana: We must meet a series of challenges to win all the points we can.
  • Racing: The most "classic" game mode in which we must give a certain number of turns to a circuit.
  • Freeroam: A test track, in which we are free to do what we want, ideal to practice.
  • Custom Events: They are circuits in which we must skid as much as possible within a number of turns and time.
  • On-line: It is not yet available, but developers are working on it.

The game is free and to move forward we must get skid points. We will use these skid points to unlock new tests or new vehicles. In case of getting stuck, we can always buy with real money and keep moving forward.

Main menu of (Project: Drift)

A game in different languages, which …

It waters directly, so that we are going to fool ourselves, it is best to leave it in the language of Shakespeare. Since, at least in Spanish, the options of some menus … let's say they leave a lot to be desired. Didn't you want to practice English? This is your chance.

Surprisingly optimized

The game download about 68MB which, considering the amount of vehicles available, is a figure that is pretty good. In addition I must say that it is quite optimized, since it has been tested in a BQ Aquaris 5HD being the quite satisfactory gaming experience, without giving that feeling that it could go better …

Good game that has a margin for improvement

As we said at the beginning, the game is in open beta still, so it can (and should) improve a lot. For now we find a job well doneA shame about music. And with him incentive in an upcoming multiplayer mode that if well implemented will delight more than one.

We hope you keep up the good work on this game and we'll see what awaits us in future updates. A game totally recommended. What are you waiting to try it?

Drift]When making donuts, it's not what you're thinking
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