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Create, edit and convert to PDF: Latex for Android

For those who do not know what this is about, first explain that It has nothing to do with putting your android a prophylactic Latex it is a system of composition of texts, oriented especially to the creation of books, scientific and technical documents containing mathematical formulas.

You will all have read in your life, a document that has been written in Latex (Here's an example). Latex documents stand out for:

  • Its standard format, clean and clear.
  • The simplicity to reference (images, equations, tables, indexes etc)
  • The simplicity in writing formulas mathematics. (who has not gone crazy to write an equation in word)

In this article I want to present two very useful applications for those who are working daily with this type of text editor. Once again our android makes our lives easier.

The way to write in Latex It is very simple, although like all these programs it has its learning curve or as the Americans say learning curve. Thanks to programs like Lyx (windows, Mac, Linux), which are much more ?user friendly? than the rest, in a matter of a day we will be writing in Latex with more than interesting results.

This App is a text editor Latex. We can create new files or continue editing any we have underway. Once the edition is finished there is the possibility of go to PDF and visualize the result. Perfect to advance work in the dead times of the day busmetrohelicopterotren in which we cannot work with our PC.

VerbTex It gives us the option to modify our documents locally (stored in the sd) and / or remotely synchronizing our files from a server.

To synchronize our .tex files with our android we will have to register here, and upload what we want. They will automatically appear in the App when we click on work on ?remote?.

It is the only App that edits .tex so far far as I know and although it performs its function correctly, it must be recognized that it is a little green. Waiting for improvements, it is good news that this possibility is a reality on Android.

Market Link | VerbTeX LaTeX Editor | VerbTeX Pro LaTeX (Encryption) 1.49 ?

One of the "problems" of Latex is the large number of commands that must be learned to write special characters. With this application we will only have to draw the character we want to write and the command to copy will appear.

The application performs the same functions as this page, but on your mobile. Click there and draw a Greek letter (hint = ????) and you will perfectly understand how this application works.

Thanks to Detexify you will save time writing, since, in a few seconds you will have the command of the desired character with just a scribble on the screen of your android.

In case someone does not clarify I leave the following video, Detexify youtube.

Market Link| Detextify | Detextify (Supporter version) 2.23 ?